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You are part of a joyous band of swindlers and your next target is all clear, The grand National Museum.

Stake out the place, find an entrance, grab all you can sneak out.

Steal the best loot and attract new and classy robbers to your gang !

Credits -----

A game made by Solid Supuun Games

Artiom Furmanov - Project Manager & Producer
Maxime Lebeau - Assistant Project Manager & Trailer
Florian Jauffrineau - Communication Manager
Emilie Regnier - Marketing Manager
Alexia Schmitt - Lead Game Designer & Level Designer
Marina Trinité - Game Designer & Level Designer
Elias  Bennour Essabbaq - Lead Programmer & UI Programmer
Pierrick Chevron - Tool Programmer
Erwan Tassin - Gameplay Programmer
Paul Meyer- Lead Game Artist
Clément Sabrié - Game Artist

Install instructions

-Download the .rar file

-Unzip the .rar file

-Launch the "Thief_Project.exe

-Enjoy ! 💚 


Build Steal It! 0.7.rar 32 MB

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